You Win Some You Loose Some

I am reminded recently that you can’t win them all. I’ve been doing some work recently that gave me some great opportunities to compete against a few others of similar caliber. In the few contests of similar descriptions I’ve done before I had success and in the most recent I lost. Sorry to be so vague but I want to keep the more personal details to myself for now.

The point of all this was the moral that was reenforced with this loss. You can try your best but there will come a point that you will eventually loose and you need to be prepared for that. But do not fear! There is something you can do to improve your position.

You can build upon your defeat! Find out what you did wrong and when it happened. Determine what you could do better next time and then think if it is worth it to improve to the level hat you had just envisioned in your mind. For me, it is worth it and I will take the lessons that I learned from the loss and apply them to the next situation that requires them. I have already begun this process and hopefully I will be ready next time.

I’m not sure why I think of these things in terms of losses and wins as if they were battles. Possibly because I watch a lot of anime and martial arts fights. Weird. In any case I think it is a good way to classify things as you maintain a competitive nature, if that is your thing. I have always been competitive to a degree so I guess that is what’s natural for me.

Let me know what you think in the comments below . . . or up, I’m not exactly sure what my current theme is right now as I have been switching it around.


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