No Game No Life: Episode 7 Review

No Game No Life

Overall this episode gave me more then the previous one. It felt like a lot was compacted into one episode which is good. That means we’re getting more story and I like the story.

The entire opening was the fan service for the episode. Jibril, Shiro, Steph, they are all there. However, after the opening, we get into more of the details. Jibril seems to have gotten used to Sora and Shiro as her masters. She seems happy to be their slave, although I’m still not quite sure how her emotions work so that has yet to be determined. Also, Jibril instantly points out that Steph is in love with Sora, I guess being a knowledge hoarder they know about how love forms and all that even if they do not experience it the same way.

Kurami is back. I was not expecting that. I thought that she would be a character that is forgotten about after her part was done but it doesn’t look like that’s the case anymore. Through her we learn that things are improving in the kingdom, the bread for example.

Back to Steph and Sora. Steph seems really eager to please Soara with the food she made. Meanwhile Sora and Shiro ask Jibril about the Warbeasts in the eastern kingdom. Turns out, their strategy of erasing the memories of the people who lose to them is a good strategy for never loosing but a bad one for getting people to challenge them.

I love the sound effects of the teleporting, they sound so powerful, just my preference. Also the actual ability to teleport is awesome as well.

Sora gets pretty harsh with his insults to Steph’s grandfather. It could be a way to emphasize that he has bad social skills however I think it is also him speaking his mind. But he was still pretty harsh and I don’t like seeing Steph cry.

Then we see the key. Obviously that key is going to be important, but for what? I thought maybe some secret for defeating the other countries perhaps?

Now we see Sora searching for a reason as to why the old King did what he did. He almost figures it out at first. Then Sora starts insulting humanity again. Sora doesn’t believe in humanity at all, the uplifting part however, is that he believes in their potential. He knows of humanities potential because he sees that potential in Shiro. He knows that the potential exists and fights for that. It’s quite touching actually.

At that point, after Steph gave Sora the key, I thought the episode was going to end and we find out what happens in the next episode but it was not so, the episode goes on!

The hidden room in the King’s room was a good find, funny that they actually found it a while ago. Why the room has a fountain and a skylight and a river and is overrun with grass is beyond me. If I wanted to make a secret room I would not put a skylight in it, or any other opening really.

The plan that the old King had was actually pretty good. Since he found a loophole to the pledges that means Sora and Shiro can go in and take out the Easter kingdom with relative ease . . . hopefully. More tears from Steph but I think this time they are happy tears so that’s good.

Then the episode ends. I tried something different and separated each scene or each major idea into its own paragraph this time. I think it might work better that way.

If you have any thoughts on the episode, feel free to share them below in the comments!


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