Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X HunterThis is a new anime (to me) that I have found and started recently. I am watching the 2011 remake that is currently airing.

I have to say, I am really enjoying this anime. The main character, Gon, is really intriguing to watch and the other main characters are very strong as well. There are a few minor arcs and then a few long arcs that I can see right now. Right now there are about 140+ episodes to my knowledge with the show still currently airing. The show is rated R because of the many death scenes throughout the episodes. If you have seen DBZ then you are aware of the similar style of progression in the anime. However, I think that it is a lot faster then DBZ. Gone are the 20+ episode long fights. At most, I think a fight has taken 2 episodes in HxH, and that is only for a big fight. Often there are many fights accomplished in one episode.

So to end, if you like fighting anime’s and strong characters that you can invest in, and you are looking for an anime that has more then 24 episodes, then this is for you!


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