No Game No Life: Episode 6 Review

No Game No LifeThis episode was actually pretty simple. However it did progress the plot a bit and it added another reason why Blank can win against any opponent. This episode had a lot more fan service then usual but I like how they addressed it in the middle, saying that they were keeping it under 18+. Really quite clever. “Super Healthy Space” interesting. However, putting aside the fun jests they had for now. The episode comes down to one thing, knowledge. By knowing more, you have an advantage over your enemy. This idea was set up in episode 5 so it’s not like it came out of nowhere. In this episode the power of knowledge is clearly demonstrated. Because Shiro and Sora came from another world, a world that did not have the magic that is in this new world, they people had to adapt in different ways and figure out things that the people in the new world never had to. This gives them the advantage. The set up from the beginning was great and the messing around in the middle was a good mind game. I don’t like the superior attitude that Jibril gave Sora the entire time but it serves to emphasize the distance that the other races feel towards the Imanity, and the gap that Blank needs to overcome in order to defeat all the races. And the Flugal are only rank 6! It’s going to be a tough battle. I do disagree with Sora at the end when he decides to give the 40,000 books to Jibril as that could potentially backfire on him but then again she does owe him everything and one extra favor so that means he could tell her not to communicate with anyone else about the knowledge. It could also just be as a favor because Sora sees no point in restricting Jibril when he knows that he can beat her.

Overall, I thought it was a good episode. Although I want to see more of the “conquering every nation in the world” part. But I think that these first few episodes will be the setup for that part. I’m predicting that they will not be able to sove this in a single season so I’m hoping that it is continued into a second season. I’m more then willing to continue watching. Well, I hope you enjoyed the review :)

If you have any opinions on the episode or series, please feel free to ask in the comments below :)


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