Movie Review: Transcendence

People fear what they do not understand.

This movie has been out for a week and I finally got around to seeing it. The concept looked cool from the one preview that I watched. Man about to die gets uploaded to a computer. Pretty typical actually and it has been done before or at least talked about. This movie did an interesting job with the concept though. There will be Spoilers after this sentence. The main character, Will,  gets injured and gets a terminal illness. That’s all fine and dandy. He then is uploaded onto a computer by his wife who does not want him to die. That works out too because they have been working their entire lives to do something like this. Then he is uploaded onto the internet and is everywhere and decides that he needs to build a new place to work that is away from prying eyes. That works out, I would probably do the same as people fear what they do not understand, a major theme of the movie actually. So after that he develops new techniques and technology that is far more advanced than anything we have today. That works out as Will is now a super computer that can think with a sentient mind creating new things would be simple. Nano-bots or nano-machines are introduced as a small thing at first. Then Will fixes a man who was beaten to almost death with his nano-machiens and we learn that he has wired him into a network and can control him. That is a little creepy, was not sure that Will had the best of intentions after that. Then lots of things started to get out of hand and it seemed that Will was not really Will and explosions happened but no one died? Yes that’s right, no one died, could that have been because Will was good? we won’t know because he is dead, or is he? This movie left you with a lot of questions and halfway through started to seem like nano-machines are the most important part of the movie.

Note to self, create nano-machines if you want to take over the world, and basically do anything else.

That is a major part of what I got out of this movie. Nano-machines can do anything and will change the world if ever made successfully. This movie also brought up some interesting philosophical questions and moral issues like if you put a man into a machine, is it really him? Does evolving past your current set of limitations make you the same person? Or is someone else? In the end we were led to believe that Will was actually Will all along and he never wanted to hurt anyone and in the end no one really died but the “hybrids” that were created, did they have free will? Were they free to make their own decisions and would Will stop them if they acted against him? Those were all questions that were not answered. It was hinted that Will may have survived in the rain water that as shown at the end of the film because there were nano-machines in the water. So he could still recreate when the time is right I guess. The questions posed in the film will be occupying my mind for the next few days. It may even inspire a few new posts in the days to come.

Overall I liked the movie and thought that it was interesting. It was definitely worth seeing for me just because of the concept that it posed and while it may not be for everyone it peaked my interest.


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