The Life Of A Sick Person

I’m writing this because it is relevant, to me. I am currently a little under the weather and that gave me an idea, white a post about it! So here we are, pretty cool right? Alright so my thought was that being sick is not fun. Obviously this is not an original idea but let me give you a brief background. For me, sickness is no big deal. I have a great immune system and  rarely, if ever, get sick. I have only gotten seriously sick once or twice in my life so far and even now the worst I have is a runny nose and a slight headache. (I just remembered that I need to make a picture header for this new category) My point is that being sick is a part of our lives. It is our bodies way of dealing with nasty things that are in our bodies and we feel all run down because our body is taking extra resources to combat whatever the foreign things are in your body. In a way being sick is good because it means that our bodies are still able to fight whatever it is that should not be in our bodies. (I said bodies a whole lot in those last few sentences I realize) So I’m bummed out that I’m not able to operate at my normal level but I am happy that I am still alive and that I am not as sick as I could be. I feel for the people who get so sick that it is hard to move but in the end it is a choice on how you interpret the situation. I like to put a positive spin on things, and then they usually turn out good in the end. For example, if I get some good sleep tonight then I’m sure that by tomorrow I will feel right as rain. So remember, if you are sick, it could be worse :)


2 thoughts on “The Life Of A Sick Person

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re under the weather!
    Just some friendly advice: you should proofread your posts before you publish them. You misspelled some things :)

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