Time (And Why It Hates You)

TimeTime is relative, but what does that mean? Basically it means that time as a thing does not exist. But what does that mean? Well essentially time is the word that we humans give to our perceived passage of time that we use the keep track of the progression or at least what we define as the progression of the world through the use of sine waves that result in vibration that make your clock work and the way that the planets rotate the sun. More the rotating around the sun part than the sine wave but the vibration of quartz that clocks use can be visualized by a sine wave.

While time is something that humans use quite frequently, it is not something that we can get back or give more of or even stop. Time progresses whether we want it to or not.

Notice how so far I have said “humans” only, this is because as far as we know, animals have no concept of time, I mean, when is the last time you saw a cat or dog look worried that they were late for something? I’m willing to bet never.

Now take a minute (see how often time is referred to?) and remember the last time that you felt you were “running out of time,” probably within the last few days. This is another issue that I needs to be talking about. You probably hear this a lot but I’ll say it too, but in a roundabout way.

You probably feel that you don’t have a lot of time, this is probably because we know that as humans we have limited life spans and therefore the amount of (you can’t think of another word can you?) time that we have to accomplish the things we want to do is limited. Wether it be making a video game, skydiving, or writing a book. Everything you want to accomplish you have to do before you die.

Frankly, that makes people afraid that they will not be able to do enough, and the hard truth is that you probably won’t get to do everything you want to do, maybe it is because of old age instead of death but the consequences are the same, the lack of accomplishment.

That is why time hates you, because you do not work with time. You fight time by trying to rush and get places faster and being busy all the time. Time does not like it when you do that so it fights you as well. I think the key is learning how to get along with time and just take things easy. Rushing about, while productive for work, is not productive for a quality life in my opinion.

I understand also that some people are not wired like that and being busy is what they do (more on that in another post) but in general taking time to try to work with time is key to a happy life. I encourage you to at least consider this and ponder the implications. Thanks for reading :)


4 thoughts on “Time (And Why It Hates You)

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  2. I like this post about time. Thanks for the plug in.
    You said that animals dont have a concept of time. But some animals/bugs know about seasons. Wouldn’t that be a sense of time.
    Do you mind if I do a plug in back?

    • Ya the bugs and animals responding to seasons is a bit weird. However I think that that is just a response, they feel a change in the climate and respond to that rather then paying attention to the position of the sun in the sky and recognizing that that means something. Humans recognize a pattern while animals tend to just respond to a stimulus. I’m not saying that no animals can do that but I think the majority can’t. Feel free to plug away :)

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