Who To Trust With Your Life?

Getting a little deep here I know but bear with me. You life is, in general, a pretty important thing. I would say that to me, my life is the most important thing to me. I don’t have anything else that I care about more than my life. Now before you think “Oh wow, he is so selfish and doesn’t care about anyone,” I want you to consider something. When it is down to the line and your survival instincts kick in, are yo really going to run and throw your dog or cat out of the way? Or push that elderly person out of harms way. Maybe you are forced to fight some to the death (a little morbid I now), would you let them win? Those are only a few situations and my guess is that your answer is going to be no to some of them. My reasoning behind this is that if those are your answers, just think about what other people may have answered. Then consider that if they have the opportunity to save your life if their own was in danger, would they? I think that your life is important, and you should think that it is too. But my life is important to me so if it comes down to it I’m saving myself. Sure if I could help others without life threatening danger to myself then sure I would try but if there is a high probability that my life will end then count me out. The saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself” comes into play here. If you want your life protected, protect it yourself. Because when it comes down to it, the only one to trust with your life is yourself. Stay safe people :)


6 thoughts on “Who To Trust With Your Life?

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  2. What about sacrificing yourself for someone? Perhaps in the spur of the moment, you wouldn’t be brave enough, but wouldn’t you at least like to say that you would sacrifice yourself for someone?

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