Getting More “Thrills”

Thrill seeking is a common term thrown around. But what does it really mean? In this post I seek the answer! And as I am the authority on thrill seeking (obviously) you should trust my opinion, to wether you should trust me with your life, only trust yourself with that. (More on that in another post) Thrill seeking is the practice of finding new things to increase your blood pressure and or adrenaline levels in essence. To get bit by the thrill bug is to get addicted to the spike in adrenaline that the thrill gives you whether it be a roller coaster or skydiving or mountain biking or any form of extreme sport. Getting that spike of adrenaline is like you are bursting out and taking that breath of brush air after being underwater for what seems like forever. It makes the world more colorful and clear. You want to have more of it. So you decide to graduate from roller coasters to fast pace downhill mountain biking. More margin for error which means a proportional increase in adrenaline as your survival instincts are kicking in and telling you that there is no logical reason you should be going down a mountain on steep paths that open on your sides to steep cliffs at 25mph plus. Absolutely no reason. Except to get that adrenaline fix. By now you may be thinking “well isn’t this blogger here just bashing adrenaline and saying that it is just a drug?” I’ll correct you then by saying what is a drug but a composition of chemicals and that is what adrenaline is. I will also say that I love adrenalin. It is what keeps us sharp and attuned to our natural instincts. If I have adrenaline running through my body then I know that I am alive and my body is try to keep my that way. It is also a drug that does not harm the body, at least to my knowledge. (everything in moderation) There are positives and negatives to thrill seeking. You get more out of life and that can lead to a greater feeling of accomplishment. It will also lead you to do things that are incredibly fun and exciting. The negative is death or permanent physical injury. While that may seem harsh, some people go to extreme lengths, sometime to extreme, and suffer the consequences. I don’t seek to deter you from thrill seeking only advise responsibility and try not to take on something that is outside of your limits. I hope you give this some thought and maybe go on an adventure of your own, whether that be to your nearest amusement park and ride some intense rides or go jumping out of a plane (with a parachute) and experience the very definition of free-fall. Have any thoughts on thrill seeking? Share them below!


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