Computer Wallpapers


Every computer comes with a standard wallpaper. For Windows it has been that view of a hillside for quite some time and with Mac it is usually a view of stars or has been for the last few OS’s. But I’m not here to talk to you about (que high and mighty voice) standard wallpapers, I’m going to talk about what my setup is for wallpapers and why I think it is good and bad.

At the time of this writing I have 2,329 wallpapers that are constantly cycling through my dual monitors. Each screen changes every minute. Only 141 of them have resolutions under 1920×1080 and I only have those because I really like them and could not find higher resolutions for them. The entire collection is only 1.2GB and personally I think that is a pretty good size.

I think it is good to have multiple wallpapers because it is beneficial to creativity to have a constantly changing background to look at instead of the same old, stale, uninteresting background day in and day out. I never (unless there are certain circumstances) see the same wallpaper twice often time in weeks! Often times I’ll see a wallpaper come up and think, “when did I get that one?” The focus of my collection varies from my gaming interests through pop-culture stuff and then nature stuff.

However, what I dislike is that the entire collection is very unwieldy. Every so often, I’ll see a wallpaper come up and the think “I don’t really like that one, I want to get rid of it,” the problem is that I have no way to go through and find that wallpaper. The other thing is that sometimes the way my computer shuffles the wallpapers is not the best, which results in it displaying the same wallpaper every other day or sometimes it will be on one screen and then in another few minutes be on the other screen (each screen is an independent rotation) Now that I think of it I could separate the library and put each screen on one  section, that would solve the problem, hmmm, I’ll have to think about that more.

Anyway! back to my point, I think you too should get a rotating set of wallpapers, it doesn’t have to be the crazy amount that I have, and I’ve even seen people with upwards of 20k,  but maybe in the 20s would be good? and then you can have then rotate automatically every day or hour. Whatever is your preference. I know that both Mac and Windows have options to set up automatic wallpaper shuffling. Who knows, it might boost your creativity and make your regular routine a bit more irregular for a change. Enjoy :)


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