Gun X Sword

I will mention this anime because I recently re-watched the entire series within two days a day or so ago.  Most people do not rate it very high according to MAL but I think this show is great.  A little slow, but great. In my watching I have only found one episode that I would call filler, everything else is pretty solid progression. Okay there will be spoilers after this sentence as I want to discuss different parts. In the beginning we have Von and Wendy right? that goes well for a while and then Karmen is introduced and then after that some key information is giving to the viewers about the claws location and bla bla. This review is not going how I imagined it would. What I found interesting was Von’s reaction to hearing about the claw and how close he seemed to be at times and yet he was just out of reach most of the time. It hurt me to see him so close because I wanted the claw to die at first just because of how Von described him and how he took Von’s wife away from him. However, after I saw more and more of the Claw talking and how he interacted with people I began to hate him more and more. There is a scene where you first see the Claw but do not know it is him when he is talking to Wendy and he seems nice but you find out he is just insane towards the end. The terrible part is (for me at least) that he makes some sort of sense and he (the Claw) swayed me back and forth. Wendy really made a compelling argument though towards the end that puts everything in perspective. (I’m pretty much just talking about what I remember as the big moments for me that I can remember so not a really in-depth review) When Von just takes off at the end that was not really shocking, what was shocking was him walking in on Wendy years later. That was pretty funny. Also, Von dropped the picture plate of the group photo that was taken so maybe he did care about them and wanted to see them against some point. Or maybe he just carried it around so he would not have to go back and see everyone in person. Who knows.

To Summarize, Gun X Sword is a great anime that will make you think about the true nature of people and what it is they must be thinking and if you like anime or action and mechs stuff (they fight a lot in giant mechs) and a story about growing up then I would recommend this anime to you. It is a little old at this point so it is hard to find in good quality. Oh, on a parting note, I watched this particular anime in english because I don’t think that Japanese people can pull off the voice that I think Von should have which the english guy does quite well.


3 thoughts on “Gun X Sword

  1. Sweet! I say that I really like anime, although I haven’t seen too much, but I know that it’s better than most animated shows. I love how there’s so much character depth and inner struggle for righteousness with the characters. Have you seen Fullmetal Alchemist? Best. Show. Ever. :)

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