The Amazing Game Of . . .


Chess! Now before you start thinking “Oh, chess is for nerds/geeks/ect.” let me stop you right there . . . and partially agree with you. To say the game is for a specific type of person means that you need to know what that type of person is. That means you have to define what a nerd is or what a geek is (post for another time) All I will say on that topic right now is that while chess is a game typically played by those types of people, that does not mean you should avoid the game. I’m not going to say that I know how the game was invented or its origins or how long it has been around or anything like that. I will simply tell you my experience with the game itself. I learned how to play chess at a young age, probably around 8 or 10 and the knowledge of how to play it has stuck with me ever since. Now, years later, after having not played chess in what feels like forever, I sat down and played a game a few days ago. Since then I have played a game or two everyday. Chess is a great game for a few reasons. One, chess is a game that teaches tactical thinking. For each move you have to think about the moves one piece can make, will the enemy be able to take it, and is moving the piece beneficial. You then follow that process for every one of your pieces, and then for everyone one of your enemies pieces. On top of that you should do that scenarios multiple times in your head and plan out multiple moves ahead and then other contingencies in case everything does not go according to plan. I personally like that as it allows me (this is going to sound narcissistic) to use more of my brain power then I would normally use for other tasks. Second, I love the sheer possibility of moves possible in the game. The number of possible combinations of moves in the first 10 moves is 169.518.829.100.544. I  can’t even pronounce that number aloud and I have no need to. All I need to know is that I will not run out of things to do in the game for my entire life. And Thirdly, chess is game that is relatively easy to learn and will take you (assuming you’re an average person) years to master. It is a game that you can play throughout your years and a game that is always challenging, assuming you play with out equally skilled people. If you have never heard of Chess or think that it is only for nerds, then I suggest that you try it out for yourself, you might find it is more fun than it looks. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and play a game of Chess, at least just once.


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