The Moon


A few nights ago, as you may have heard, there was an occurrence of the “Blood Moon” if you call it that. For those of you not aware, the Blood Moon was a lunar eclipse that happened 3 days ago and turned the moon an orange-red color for a little bit. Unfortunately I did not see much of “blood” part but I did manage to view and capture the gradual eclipse of the moon itself. I was very glad to see it because from what I had heard, this particular lunar eclipse will not occur again for another 70 years and who knows? I could be dead before that so to see it at least once was very gratifying for me. Whenever something happens with the celestial bodies that is not a daily occurrence, I always wonder what people must have thought hundreds of years ago. Today, we know who eclipses happen, but back in the day, your average person would have absolutely no idea what was happening. They must have looked up at the sky and thought, “well, this is it, the world is ending” but it never did. It’s a thought experiment that I find interesting. I hope that all of you had the opportunity to see the recent eclipse and if you haven’t then I will be posting pictures of the eclipse that I took soon enough, once I get them sorted and processed.


3 thoughts on “The Moon

  1. I didn’t see it because it was at 2 am and it was cloudy :/
    You might be interested to know, however, that there are three more predicted to happen this year! And a Blood Moon, at least in medieval times, was just about the worst omen you could get…haha, yikes!

    • I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get to see it but as you say, if there are three more this year then you have some good chances of seeing one then. I suspected as much from medieval times, thanks for the info.

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