Pictures In Posts

I’m thinking of making some pictures that I can put in front of each post that go along with whatever category I put the post it so that you will be able to recognize it at a glance and decide if you want to read it. I’m thinking that I’ll make ones for Anime, Games, Journal Stuff, Whatever, Movies, Tech, and TV Shows, that covers my main topics. The key reason for doing this is that visuals make people more interested and I think just text posts are boring, also It would save space in the allowed space that I have on the website so I wouldn’t have to find a new picture for each post but instead just use the same one. I like the idea and now that I have some more free time I can work on getting that done. Also I might make some more titles for my blog, as they rotate each time and I have three of them right now. I think more would look better. More variety.


3 thoughts on “Pictures In Posts

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