Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This movie was, overall, a good movie. Looking back however some of the plot “twists” were really quite obvious and I saw through most of them. Spoilers ahead

First of all, to base the entire title of the movie about a character that I felt was not completely relevant was smart. Bucky, while Steve’s best friends and an important character in the first movie, was not that much of an important character in this movie. They were not much development for him and they only really had him on-screen for more than 5 min at a time at the end of the movie. I knew that Nick Furry would survive, especially after the camera lingered for so long on the syringe that they used on his body. Black Widow and how she kept trying to get Steve set up on a date was annoying to me as I thought that they had some chemistry but that it would probably not work. I know she is trying to get him interested in the new world and have him take some personal investment but seriously? There was some funny moments thought I’ll admit. The movie made me chuckle a few times for sure. The fighting was pretty good though there were some things that looked too fast or just not quite right. Overall I would say go see the movie if you liked seeing Captain America in the first movie. But the movie is by no means a great work plot wise.


4 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  1. You’re review is most helpful to me! I didn’t read all of it because I haven’t seen the movie, and I want to, but I read the opening paragraph and the last sentence….the last sentence says a lot!

    • Thanks, if you didn’t read the middle for fear of spoilers one thing I mention is that if you liked the first Captain America and you like Marvel movies then I would go see it but if you are not into stuff like that then I would pass.

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