My Schedule and Some Video Games

Man, i’m approaching another busy week right now. I’m going to be preparing for a big presentation on friday for an EXPO of sorts. Judges will be there and hopefully my team can impress them. That prep work is going to be scoping to majority of my time. That . . . and Planetary Annihilation. I’ve gotten back into it recently and I have to say, very fun. However two nights ago I had an encounter with another player that was not very pleasant. I will explain the situation from my perspective. I was watching a live stream that some guys were doing of PA and they said that they would be doing one more match. I thought it would be cool if I could pay with them. I then realized that the stream was live and I had the game so I opened it up and joined their game in the lobby. I then closed the stream and started to play. It was a 3v3 with them three vs myself and two other random people. The game went great. Win or lose it was a great game. With two planet smashes it was very exciting. At the end of the game I did not get a chance total them that I had a good game and enjoyed it as the ending of the game kicked everyone out before that. I then remembered that the stream was probably still open and went onto that to tell them good game. When I typed it twitch went into a commercial and when it resumed I head the guys talking about how I was a cheater because they thought I was watching the stream the entire time. Realizing that they had been mistaken I tried to type in the chat agin to explain, however they had banned me from the chat so i could not explain the situation. I then went into write a private message to the account holder and sent that off. I have still not received a reply. What upsets me is that they had a legitimate reason to suspect me but did not let me explain my case and assumed I was guilty before hearing me out. In summary I wish people would not jump to conclusions. That went off on a tangent a bit it seems. Peace out.


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