Books. Typically you read books right? Right, people read book because they contain information. Although now most people can get all the information that they need from the internet but in the end to get that information they are still reading most of it. All this is a long way to say that reading is very important. Most people do not know how important. Reading is probably the most important thing in all of human history. I say this because without reading there would be no way to convey information from one person to another without actually talking to them. While talking may have been productive in the early days of human history, can you imagine having to get information about something by asking people for the information. You are walking down the aisle in a grocery store and you must have someone who knows what the item is for you to know what it is. Without reading we would not be here, it is as simple as that. This is something that I think a lot of people take for granted and it should be appreciated everyone once in a while. Really, people would have a much better day on average if they appreciated things more in my opinion. The fact that you are reading this here and now is proof that reading is important. Well at least to me because it allowed me to convey my ideas to you, the reader. I hope you enjoyed this post and think about the importance of reading.


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