Dwarf Fortress

So with a quick search or two around WordPress reveals that there is only one blog that actively posts about Dwarf Fortress which can be found here. I link what these guys are doing as they are playing off the same world and having FUN. Now most of you are probably thinking “why the heck is dwarf fortress?” or “I head that game was too complicated” Truth is, it is very complicated. But not that hard to learn, and the possibilities are infinite. In the fortress mode of DF, you start with 7 dwarves and from there on you try to create a fortress in the middle of nowhere. You as the player can not do anything directly, instead you have to list orders that your dwarves will then follow. There for you ave to manage your dwarves in order to achieve success with your fortress. DF is not like other games, it is much more in-depth but also much more sparse. To someone who has never played the game it may look like the matrix.large_matrix But once you learn to read everything your imagination takes over. R2HMD

DF is also a very complicated game but the rewards are much better.


I think the game is fun and if you play it with a texture pack then that might help with the initial ASCII format of the game. I hope you go and check out this amazing game but if you don’t like it then hey, it’s not for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Dwarf Fortress

    • Haha, well it is a pretty fun game. It is a bit hard to get into but using a texture pack makes it so much more friendly. Even still the game is MASSIVE and I love the depth. If you want to see what it’s like then just look out for more of the story for Appletree I’ll be posting :)

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