Audio Quality

I don’t know about you, but I love listing to music. If I’m not working in a  public place or watching a video or playing agate then I am listening to music. Because I listen to music so much I care very much about how good the quality is that I’m listing too. I think I’m in the grey area between regular person and audiophile. I also like to think that I can hear more of a song then your average Joe. Of course I could be completely wrong however I’m going to keep writing this as if I am right! Rambling there for bit my bad, so to get back on topic, audio quality. I currently use a pair of Bose desktop speakers for my computer and due to lack of personally funds have not been able to upgrade after my wall hung speakers died a week or so ago. It was a sad day indeed when they stopped working, hopefully I can get them fixed soon. Now let’s get down to a deeper mean sing bend this, philosophical time if you like. There are two types of people in this world. People who want to achieve a better quality, or people who are fine with what they have. I think that it is better to always want better quality as you then have a goal to strive for, it may not be an achievable goal but it is one. If you just are okay with what you have then that’s fine but I have one simple request for all of you, STOP telling me or people like me that it is a waste of money or that there is no point to getting higher quality or that “I can’t even hear the difference so why does it matter?” It annoys me to no end, and I’m assuming that it does others as well. So to summarize, audio quality is good, I like it, always better quality is the goal. Hope you enjoyed this post :)


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