Boxes are cool. Boxes are useful. When you use a box, you know what you are going to get. They are predictable, and if you get a uniform size then they will all fit together. Also, if you have every seen the people to fold boxes in warehouses, then you know how insanely fast they can do fold those things. I really thought that this post would be longer actually. I started out thinking “wow, I can write so many things about boxes, everyone will be amazed and they will like it” Ya I think I’m wrong about that. Huuuuhhh well. I included a picture of boxes looking evil. This is and was a popular internet image that was popularized and to my knowledge originated from the Roosterteeth employee Barbra. Ya so sorry about this post, You can stop reading now I guess, nothing really interesting is going to happen after this. I’m sorry, don’t hate me :( I just wanted to talk about how much I think boxes are an amazing invention that is not really an invention but I think it is patented but don’t quote me on that and that was a terribly formulated sentence that also happens to be a run on sentence because there are no periods and it is late, bye now.


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