Emotions, emotions, emotions. Everyone has them, everyone loves them, everyone hates them, everyone rejects them, everyone accepts them. Emotions are very controversial and I think they are a good thing discuss. Emotions are had to define and because of that I have included a nifty handy-dandy chart to help you visualize emotions. The inside is the base emotion and the outside is more specific forms of that emotion. Of course this is not all emotions and some are not classified as I talk about in my feeling post. But it is, in my opinion, important to think about these things because they are what define you in many cases, what emotions that you feel when presented with certain situations can be really telling about a person. For example, I find that thinking about this stuff is stimulating and can make me feel very serene. One of the hardest things to do is communicate deep feelings to other people, or even wanting to. I think that there are two reasons people do not talk about their feeling very much. One, there is not much trust between people. And two, it is hard to accurately describe the feelings you have. Bit of a tangent there, as it went closer to relationship stuff for a second. My main point is writing this is to get people to examine their emotions more and think about them. I feel that if people know themselves more, then it will result in many positive benefits such as more confidence and the ability to deal with various situations better as you know why you are reacting in a certain way. Hope this made you think :)


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