Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihilation

To start off, this is one of my favorite games right now. I love RTS’s and this game takes it to a whole different level in my opinion. Instead of waging war on one map you can take off to other planets. You go from battling head on against 1-10 people to suddenly having to manage 2-10 different fronts in the span of one game depending on your skill level. I’ve been watching this game since the beginning when if was first announced on kickstarter and was funded with 2.2 million. Then the alpha was released and then the beta, at which point I bought a key and started playing. At the time of this writing the game is currently in gamma phase and is releasing  updates fairly regularly. If you like to play RTS’s then I recommend you check this game out, and if you want to play me in a match then just shoot a message my way. I’m not that good, now that everyone else has played more than me and their skills have increased while mine have not but I still like to play, even though I lose most of the time :)


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