That Feeling

Have you ever had that one feeling? That incredibly powerful, non-descriptive feeling that is amazing and perfect and desolate and joyous and fathomless in its reaches, and is a soft glow that is ever so close but no matter how hard you try you are never able to fully comprehend the first cause or even yet the result that such a feeling is doing to you? You may come across this feeling every so often but forget about it soon after and you wonder why you do not remember the feeling as well as you could or should. This feeling may paralyze you with a vast array of thoughts that race through your mind so fast they are utterly incomprehensible. So much can be thought about this feeling but dying to describe it is like trying to breathe water, you start out well but then a split second later everything falls apart. I think that everyone has experienced this feeling at some point but just can’t describe it. This feeling can be applied to any emotion that you can think of if the circumstances are right. I do not believe that this feeling even can be fully described but I tried my best in this post and I may have had to look in a thesaurus to do it :) I hope I gave you something to think about


One thought on “That Feeling

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