Face Book Buys Oculus

As the headline is pretty descriptive I will get right into it. I think this was a huge mistake on Oculus’s part. Face book is not a serious platform at all and to sell to them would be dooming the amazing VR future that I had been envisioning up until this point. It is really too bad. This makes me wonder if the developers just got tired of trying to make the Oculus. Face book is also not a platform that any developers really want to work with. Notch (the creator of minecraft) says this much when he backed out of the deal to bring Minecraft to the Oculus when he learned that Face book had bought Oculus. I thought that everyone should know about this as I think it postpones the release of a new genre for many years. I will include a link to a news article confirming what I have mentioned in case anyone is skeptical. the news was released yesterday. Link to the article.


2 thoughts on “Face Book Buys Oculus

    • That is very true, but game developers to do not like to make games for Facebook because of its history of being an unstable platform that changes moment to moment. I will definitely be keeping my eye on future developments.

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