Over-Ear Headphones

I have a problem, a serious first world problem. I can not find a single pair of over-ear headphones that I like. This is prompted because I recently bought a headset from Razor. To be specific I got the Razor Kraken Pro’s. Now I like Razor, I think they have a cool thing going and I thought that these headphones would be great for me as I read a bunch of reviews about how comfortable they were and that they had great quality and all that. When I got them though I tried them out and right off noticed a difference in sound that I am not used to when listing to music though speakers, the sound was a little rough. That is not the issue though. I love music quality and always try to get the best that I can but what I need in headphones is for them to be comfortable. My whole life I have had problems with headphones that have a band that rest on the top of your head. I do not know why this is but it has never abated me. Maybe my head is uneasily sensitive, but every time I wear a headset for more than 30 minutes they start to hurt my head and I have to take them off. It really bugs me because I want to get a pair that I can wear for extended amounts of time. I will not have to return this headset which really bums me out because they are very nice, great color scheme and construction, but I just can not enjoy wearing them for a long time. Alright, that was my rant. Maybe I should start a rant day. Rant Wednesday maybe. That could work. Okay, i’m done here.


One thought on “Over-Ear Headphones

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