Walking Dead Episode 15 “Us”

I would say a medium amount of stuff happened in this episode. To start off, I extremely dislike Eugene. Not because of the geek side of him but because he can not hold a conversation and he refuses to say what caused the apocalypse. I would not take someones word that they knew, they would have to explain it ti me before I believed them. When Glen saw the sign that Maggie had written and started running I was so excited! He took off and that tunnel was a big decision. To go through or not to go through, that was the question. He was in quite the bind there when the other girl (my bad I don’t know her name) got her foot stuck, that could have ended badly. I will say that even though I dislike Eugene with a passion he got a point or two when he decided to wait for Glenn at the other end of the tunnel. Then when he saw Maggie and everyone (I’m assuming) and had them drive back down the tunnel to get Glen, that was a big move for him. This episode also went back and forth a lot. We saw Darrel with his new gang, of which I highly disagree with. I think that they are a terrible group of people and one that can not be good for society. Although they work well in the new world, I’m not saying that it is right but still. In any case it seems that Darrel is conforming to their way of thinking and this does not bode well for him or Beth, who he still needs to save. Now we come to the end of the episode. The arrival of the group to Terminus. I could tell right off the bat that the place had a bad vibe about it. First off, no one on guard duty? What is that all about. My suspicion meter just went up. Gates all unlocked, the meter just went up again. One creepy woman making burgers when there were no cows around anywhere and probably no good grazing areas around? The meter has gone off the chart. I would bail quick. SO In my opinion t wrap up. Nothing good await the various groups at Terminus and I really hope that Darrel gets it back together in order to save Beth. Until the finale!


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