Log Horizon Episode 25 “The Scale Festivle”

Final Episode! Man I am excited. I’m going to do the same thing I did with my latest post and write this as I am watching the show. No pictures sorry but at least it is almost live commentary. My thinking is that if you saw the episode then you know what I am talking about. Alright Episode Start Oh right the we left off with Shiro about to mentally destroy the evil noble guy. Can’t wait. Alright was not expecting that everyone would show up at once. it seems that Shire showed up with another plan again. So him. I love the opening song, very catchy and fast paced. I’m going to have to get the soundtrack after I finish this episode. Okay back on! Hmmm interesting direction. Haha, in his face!!. Nice words there Crusty. Shiro is cast n a bad light again. Bummer. Some insight into what goes through Shiro’s head.  But he still does not get it when it comes to the other girls.  Okay creepy girl with new spells, that means other people have figured out how to make new spells. Oh so this is the one that caused the disturbances in the city. But why was she doing it, to test the strength of the city? Wow, her plan is pretty diabolical. To buy the guild hall like Shiro did is a lot of power but to buy the Cathedral . . that is just insane the power you have. She is really getting into Shiro’s head. Alright little special guild meeting at the end. Shiro was just about to reveal his next goal and refuse it is just to “change the world.” I think it is going to be something much bigger. I just can’t think of it right now. Good thing that season 2 was announced for the fall of this year! ‘m excited. This has been a great anime and (Cut Scene!) End of Episode Okay I was right. He is going to leave the city and the librarian dude is going to go with him. Interesting, what will they do? maybe they will go to another continent and see whats going on there. I am now ready for Season 2!


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