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I realize now that I have not shown any of my work on the blog yet. I like to consider myself an amateur photographer and photoshop user. That said I would like to have part of tis blog be some of my work which I like. Then again you have to like the work that you do, the key is if other people like your work too, that is the key. So to start off I shoot with a Canon T3 which is not a super high end camera but it is a DSLR and I like it. I think what I will do is start a gallery and link to it through this post. Ya that sounds like a good idea. Now I have to figure out how to make a gallery, be right back . . . okay that took longer then it should have. I spent about 6 minutes trying to find the button that I had seen many times before. Alright will go create the galley now . . . Okay I made the gallery. I think it looks pretty cool. Let me know what you think, are they good, are they terrible, hopefully not :)


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