The Mind

The mind is an interesting thing. I know this because I have one, BOOM! Instant ethos! That is how my mind works. It blurts things out, it moves in a non liner fashion, and it does whatever it wants. I just follow along. Oh wait I just remembered that I was going to start this post out with really deep and mysterious words and then introduce things. Bummer, guess i’ll have to make another bran post then. Okay so as I was saying, brains are weird. They are what define us as people and yet we know almost nothing about them. Kinda scary if you think about it. Now I don’t know if we only use 10% of the brain or whatever but I do think that the brain is a powerful thing and most things can be solved by using the brain. For example, getting sick. If you do not want to be sick, then don’t be. Just picture yourself always healthy, thats how I get by and I hardly ever get sick. Now there could be many various other factors that contribute to that but I like to think that it is my brain power. Maybe thats the reason. On a different brain power, optical illusions. How your brain interprets information, is crazy. Just the other day I heard about a study (not sure if true but I believe it) where researches put glasses on people that inverted their vision. It took about a week for the brain to figure it out and flip their vision internally. So they were wearing the glasses still but their brain had figured it out and made their vision right side up again. Stuff like that amazes me. What is even crazier is that the brain does this with only a whole bunch of chemicals racing around up there. Millions and millions of chain reactions that occur so fast we have no perception of them but they result in what allows me to type on this keyboard right now. I love the brain, and I think that people should take some time to appreciate it more often, because you only have one, and at our stage in technology, You can’t replace it.


2 thoughts on “The Mind

    • I do hope however that we can understand it enough in the future to take advantage more of it’s functions. It doesn’t have to be through the use of technology, maybe meditation, for example, could be the key to unlocking a hidden facet of the brain.

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