I recently saw a post by another blogger that talked about, in essence, trust. Now i’m going to be honest and say that I did not read the entire post, I put it in my “will read later section of the internet” which I do with pocket (a post for another day). So In the middle of the post there is a line that says “what is the value of the relationship where there is no trust?” Now this made me remember some of my thoughts on the topic. I find that the hardest part of making friends is trusting them. As an example I will use movies to help me with my point. The stereotypical friends in movies will trust each other to death and tell  their innermost thoughts to one another. The thing with real life, at least in my experience, is it is not like that. However I could be experiencing this because of my own insecurities, which is entirely possible, but I think it mainly stems from the modern age. Through the internet people have learned to be guarded with their identities. It is everywhere. “Keep your password secure” “Fight online harassment” “Don’t let anyone know your home address” While these particular cases are justified I think it has bred a sense of closed off-ness from other people in out daily lives. Take a moment to think if there is a person, not in your family, that you would tell absolutely anything to, no matter what it is. I think that the number will be quite low. Back to the original point, If you want to be in a relationship, with a friend or a significant other or with whoever, the main thing that is needed is trust. There are a few other elements in my opinion but that is for another time :)

Link to the post that I reference in my pondering: This is a link


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