A Realization

After going read through a few posts from other people around the site and their analyzations behind reasonings for character actions in various anime’s. I have realized something. I suck at analyzing the shows. Personally all I think about when watching a new show wether it be an anime or a tv show or a movie is wether I liked it, granted i’ll go into some reasons why I liked it but I think about feelings and emotions more then actions and counter-moves and repercussions in term of numbers. I’m more of a qualitative person, not a quantitative person. So If your looking for an in depth analysis to the video in question then i’m probably not your guy. Sometimes I might go in depth with that stuff and i’ll certainly have an opinion on a specific scene when asked about it but i’m not one to go over the super fine details when explaining how I felt about the video. I think to be able to do analyzation like what those guys were doing is pretty cool and impressive but it is just not me.


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