Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 “The Grove”

Hard, Dark, Depression, Feels, Despair, Anger, Desperation, all of these were feelings that I thought this episode had. At first going though the episode I thought that Carol was going to kill Lizzie just because she thought that she could not survive in the world or that she would be a hindrance. However I was not expecting the way in which it happened or how it makes you feel. I knew Lizzie was going to be a liability at some point but not to the extent that she would kill her sister. That was terrible when you realize what happened, that she killed the smart and logical one of the pair. Terrible is all I can say. Throughout the episode you see the spiraling descent that Lizzie has concerning the walkers. She feeds them, she talks to them, she plays the most dangerous game of tag ever, and she wants to become one with them. This may sound harsh but it is very true, people with mental problems will not survive the apocalypse. It is true. Not a blanket on every type of mental problem but I would think about 90% of them. This was a very intense episode not for the drama of it but for the feelings and moral questions that it brings up. Should you kill the girl when she is a liability to everyone else? Obviously Carol thinks so and ends up killing her. So now they are on their way to Terminus and hopefully we will see everyone meet up there. However there is still the question of Beth and Darrel. Beth was taken and my guess is that she was taken to Terminus. Just a guess but it may turn out to be true so be prepared for me to say I told you so. Well i think that just about sums it up. I may have left out a few things but that is what stood out to me during the episode. Till next week!


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