Log Horizon Episode 24 “Chaos”

(Sorry this was late) This episode was an interesting one. We really see the difference in power between People of the Land and the Adventurers. As a result of that we see the People of the Land getting jealous of the Adventures and trying to stop them from being successful. With all the accidents in the cry being caused it was certain that a Person of the land was behind it. The surprise was that he was guarded by other Adventurers. It was not a surprise that the nobleman was a complete jerk and rude to everyone. That is to be expected of “nobility.” Shiro’s weakness is apparently going against an eminent hat has no strategy at all, if that happens then he can’t make a strategy against theirs. The episode was good at allowing us a view more at Shiro himself because he had to think of other ways to solve the problem. Minori also improved, making decision to herself and she apparently wants to please Shiro. I really disliked the nobleman and did not like how the princess responded to him. However that is the thing that happens with nobility and thats why I don’t like the whole concept. I kept expecting Krusty to show up and bail the princess out of the entire mess and deal with the nobleman. It seemed though that Shiro himself was the one to do it. Big cliff hanger there in the last 30 seconds. I’m not sure how Shiro is going to deal with the guy but hopefully it will be in such a way that it shames the nobleman and the Adventures with him and makes everyone believe that hire may not be the worst of people. So thats it for this episode. With one more left i’m not sure how they are going to wrap it up but if there is not a season 2 then I think it will have ended prematurely in my opinion. Till next week!


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