Kill la Kill Episode 22 “Tell Me How You Feel”

This episode was on track. We see more of the comedic sarcastic Ryuko right off the bat and then Nui is still alive (darn) and Senketsu cries a whole lot. Overall,  Satsuki and Ryuko becoming “friends” more like allies was great to me because it shows that two completely different people can work together. When Nui lost her arms I was pretty pleased with that. After that we see her finally loose her composure for once and then she can not regain it throughout the episode so I think her days are numbered. The battle at the end ended just as it was getting intense! Even Mako was going to help fight, that would have been cool to see. Guess i’ll have to wait until next week to see that one. I liked this episode personally, it seemed as if it was filler in a few scenes but overall in was still in a continuos arc. The final episode will probably be the final battle, no after the fact stuff which will be a bummer but hey, it’s been good so far. Getting down to the wire now though, only three episodes left!


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