What A Lovely Paradox

Paradoxes are awesome. They simply are. If you do not like them then you need to think more about them. To me, paradoxes allow you to perceive the world in a different way, by thinking about things from a different angle. When you discover or think about a paradox then you reach a line of think that cannot progress any further, and that is impressive to me. If you have never heard of a paradox then i will give you an example. “This statement is false” the line has a variation or two but the fundamental thought is the same. If the sentence were true then it would not be true so it disproves itself in the sentence going of for an infinite loop (thats a discussion for another time) You cannot prove or disprove paradoxes, they can not happen, and if they did then i’m pretty sure it would break everything. All of time as well, forwards and backwards, instantly. If not then I have no clue what would happen next, maybe we could use it as a source of power lasting forever. That would be pretty cool. All of this is a thought experiment, thats is what a paradox is, a brain test in a sense, if you can wrap you head around one and understand it then you have just run your brain though an exercise course. So in conclusion, Paradoxes exist, while not existing at all. Have fun think about them :)


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