Bit-Torrent Sync

I have just started using this little application, and I mean little, only about 7.7 MB which is pretty darn small in todays world. I have a deal where I need to sync a folder or two between a few of my computers and I wanted to have a slightly more secure way to do it then dropbox so I looked into Bit-Torrent Sync and it seemed to fit the bill. To solve the problem of having both computer on all the time I installed another version of Sync on a Raspberry Pi so it could act as a middle man. So far it has been working great. And it seems to be secure enough for my needs. The storage on the Pi is a 16GB flash drive so plenty of space for my folder on my computer with lots of room for expansion if need be. I’m still running through various scenarios with it to make sure I won’t have any hiccups later down the road but as of now i’m satisfied. If you would like to do the same thing that I did then follow the tutorials that I found on line here: and if you need help mounting the flash drive then here: that thread helped me.


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