A Reshuffling Of Ideas

Okay so I feel that I have gotten off on the wrong foot for this blog. While it seems everyone likes my Interesting lines of the day (not going to lie, they are pretty awesome) My original focus of this blog was to write about my random ideas that I have and hope that people want to hear about them. Also I don’t think my mission statement has been clearly stated anywhere as of yet. To state is semi-clearly: I want to write about my pondering and then I want to find out if people actually want to read about them. If they do then it would be a win for both sides as I like to explain my thoughts and if others like to read them then thats great. I intend to be witty and sarcastic although I think I must seem bland at times. I’m trying to improve upon that as i’m just starting out as a blogger/writer. Any suggestions would be appreciated by the way. I know I have been posting a lot of anime reviews and TV stuff so far but that is because it’s what i’m watching right now. In a few weeks I won’t have any currently airing shows that I need to watch so i’ll have to come up with more interesting material around that time. So while I get better at this please forgive the few spelling mistakes (going over what I have written is a skill i need to improve upon) and let me know what would make you more interested. Enjoy!


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