Food Food Food

Now I love food. I can’t live without it, literally. For awhile now i’ve had an interesting relationship with food. I have had a very high metabolism for a long time now and that makes it so I can eat more then average breakfast and lunch and then go to Slaters for dinner and eat their 1 lb burger which is weighed after cooking (which is another story for a different time) and then loose weight the next day. Most people reading this will probably think, “wow thats awesome!” or “I wish I could do that, it’s so unfair!” and i’ll agree that it is nice that i’m not hauling around extra weight all day but there are some drawbacks. First of all it is not the greatest when no matter how much you eat you can’t bulk up at all. It’s a little depressing when you see others that have a good amount of weight on them and you think, “It is not possible for me to get to that state.” Then there are the people around you that say, “you should eat more,” or “don’t you eat anything ever?” To this I respond with YES! I eat all the time but nothing happens! Again if your reading this you are probably thinking, “I can’t believe this person is complaining about being skinny.” To a degree you are right, and you are wrong. I am complaining that I can’t gain an extra 20 or 30 pounds but I am not complaining about being skinny, being skinny is awesome, being slightly to skinny for my age is not awesome. This must seem like a rant now but since we have crossed the line might as well keep going. I am also fully aware that at some point in my life this ability will abate me. This is another point that people bring up, “you know, your going to get really fat one day when that metabolism of yours leaves you.” I really dislike it when people say that because with so many people saying it to me, you would think that I might be aware that it is going to happen right? I am prepared for that change to happen and I am anticipating it. So in conclusion I guess what I am trying to say is that people need to just pay attention to their own weight. I know I am skinny and I know that I am probably skinnier then you but that does not mean you need to point that fact out to try and somehow make me feel bad about something that I have no control over. To all you skinny people out there, I know how you feel!


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