Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 “Alone”

Sorry this was late but circumstances prevented me from watching this episode the day of. caution Spoilers Ahead

Alright so this episode was crazy, and I loved the craziness. ┬áMany new plot developments I think. There was the new love between Beth and Darrel that was so rudely ripped away from us! I was pretty mad about that, and then Darrel just goes off with this new group that i do not like because the leader said “hurting other people” is a good thing or something like that. I hope Darrel does not revert back to his previous ways. The house that Darrel and Beth stayed at was a little creepy but I think the guy that owned it let all the zombies in. Which was a little rude of him but any person who keeps stuff that orderly after the apocalypse is got to be a little wrong in the head. Then there was all the stuff with Maggie and Bob and Sasha. New romance between Sasha and Bob and maggie is just doing her own thing. But those few days were really a bonding experience for all of them, they got to experience what it would be like to be alone. Poor Darrel as well, he is more alone then anyone right now, even with this new group, he does not know them and they are the type of people that would turn on you at any moment. I hope that Darrel goes back to looking for Beth because I think she is at Terminus now, or at least that is where the guy took her. So much excitement during this episode, can’t wait for next week!


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