Have I mentioned how much I like the word stuff? To many people it may seem like an impersonal word or a word that is too general. However, I think that is the beauty of the word. Because stuff is everywhere, it’s in the wall, it is the walls! Stuff is everything and nothing. Stuff is what makes the world go round and Stuff is what the sun is made out of. But there is also the stuff that you feel when you get your first job or when you are fired for the fist time or take a drink of fresh water after feint stranded in the middle of the sea of two weeks. Stuff can be anything and I think that is what turns people off. I think that if you can use the word stuff with someone and they understand you then that means you have a great connection with them. They are so in tune with you that their stuff is your stuff. If their stuff can be your stuff then you know that stuff will work itself out. I don’t know about you, but that felt pretty deep towards the end there for me.


One thought on “Stuff

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