Log Horizon Episode 23 “Student of the Mage”

This episode was a good one for development of the current mini-plot. Caution Spoiler ahead

Where Shiro needs to interact more with others or they won’t trust him which I have a feeling will be a prevalent issue in the next episode. Especially with the development of the new villain that was introduced. I think he is another player but I don’t know why he would look like a lizard. That ship was definitely player built though and I think the new villain was using the People of the Land to infiltrate the city. We now have three people that like Shiro now so that will be an interesting development later on. I’m excited for next week and hope that they will at least answer some questions before this season ends. Also because there are only 2 more episodes left i’m not sure how they are going to wrap it up. Hopefully I wont be disappointed.


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