Kill la Kill Episode 21 “Incomplete”

Sorry this is late but I forgot to write a review in my excitement. Caution spoiler ahead

Alright so this episode was, i’ll admit, a little expected from me. I knew that Ryuko was going to get out alive but I was not expecting the way that she did it, tearing off all her skin basically, that must have hurt. Also i’m really happy that Nui is finally dead? The entire battle was good and the intervention of the four devas was great as well. It did hurt when Ryuko was talking to Senketsu about how she would never wear him again and that she hated him. But it worked out in the end. Not sure how they are going to stop the giant flying life fiber of death though. That is still a mystery to me but with only 3 epodes to go it they better get that done soon.  Was happy for Senketsu when Ryuko came back to her senses, it was good to have them reunited again. I think that just about covers the main points of the episode that I wanted to mention. I’m not a super deep analyzer of the show like some others are and i’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that but I just don’t do that. The episode did seem very quick as well, was disappointed about that. Can’t wait for next week!


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