BioShock Infinite Pondering

I’ve been considering replaying this game recently because it was so darned amazing the first time I played through. I know there is some contention on it being a good game but I am a firm believer that it was very well made. Caution Spoilers ahead.

One reason that I think the game was amazing, it put you in Bookers shoes. What he felt I felt. When Elizabeth was being tortured I knew in the back of my head that the game would not let me get to her any faster then what the game would allow me to but I still tried to find a faster way to get to her, I did not want her to suffer any longer. The longer I heard her in pain the more it hurt that I wasn’t able to save her. Another part was the giant metal bird. That thing was horrifying. When you heard it’s screech you knew, GET DOWN! because it would rip apart anything in t’s path I want to replay the game because it would allow me to experience these things again and I want to try to pay more attention to the infinite part of the game, try and catch the small details that I missed the first time. When I replay the game I will probably write more in depth thoughts as I pass through that part of the game.


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