Log Horizon Episodes 1-22

In this post I will discuss the general overview of the show so far, not specific moments, If you would like to hear my feelings on specific moments ask in the comments. To avoid spoilers watch the show first.

I will admit that i’m a little late to the party on this one. So far the show has been very interesting to think about. At first I thought Log Horizon would be a clone of SAO but it has developed into it’s own great story line that is very interesting to follow. I just want everyone here at this point to step back here and think about the premise again. A bunch of people from the real world that love to play a game are transported into the game an now the game is real (at least as far as we know) and everybody must make due. This is an insanely interesting scenario because it’s Lord of the Flies but with adults and kids and there is magic and everybody knows the game to a degree. (I used a lot of and’s in that last sentence, ignore them or rephrase it to make it more interesting for yourself) To have the revival option is a huge alteration to the normal world because you will not die, theoretically ever. The development of making food was genius, having to make it yourself? who would have thought of that! What an opportunity that was, to be the only people in the region that now know how to make food thats tastes normal. The way that it was handled was great as well, to make the money to but the guild hall area, Shiro was amazing to do that, he is the most powerful person in that town now and as long as no one can buy the building off of him then everything is under his control. To create a new type of magic was another development that was unexpected but very welcomed in the show. The show also brings up very many questions about humanity and how people would work together. For example, in the other town (I know I forgot the name i’m a terrible person) there was were society fell apart, people reverted to savages. NPC’s are now people which is a great development because typically you do not care much about NPC’s in any normal game so when they are now actually people the prejudice against them already so to have to work with them is a completely new direction from typical reasoning/thinking. At this point there should be a second season as i’m not sure how the season is going to wrap up the questions that still exist in the next three episodes. Until the next episode.


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