Kill la Kill Episodes 1-20

Oh where do I start. If you don’t want spoilers then please stop reading here and watch the show, you probably will not be disappointed.

So far this show has been amazing. (Keep in mind that I am not the most analytical person in the world and I am just writing my general thoughts) Because I had watched ¬†Gurren Lagann, I am familiar with the work of the studio. I liked Gurren Lagann and because of that I decided to take a shot at watching Kill la Kill. Turns out that was a great decision. In the beginning of the season it was fairly predictable for me because it followed a similar plot line to Gurren Lagann. However, the show in the last five episodes has taken a completely different direction then to where I expected it would go. Before I go more in depth, I will get something out of the way because it was a big deal when the show was first starting out. The question: How do I feel about the revealing outfits and or suggestive moments in the show. At first I was a little put off because I thought they were emphasizing it more then they should in the beginning. However, now that the show has progressed more I think it works for the plot line. Being that the entire plot now revolves around clothes taking over the world, how everybody is dressed is immensely important. So in conclusion to that line of thinking, it was weird in the beginning but it works now in the later episodes. Any further questions about that then ask me. Now we have the plot line developments. We start out with very strong characters, Ryuko, Senketsu, Mako and her family. All of the charecters have very strong personality traits and if you’ve seen the show then you know what they are (I’m so descriptive I know) The show was progressing at a good rate until about episode 15 I think when when it just took off in an abstract direction. It was a good abstract though and now we have clothes fighting naked people for world control. I’m not quite sure when the transition was that I accepted that but it’s a reality now and with Ryuko on her little anger depression phase and Satsuki is wearing Senketsu about to fight Ryuko when she now is the ultimate power. Not even Mako could get Ryuko to go back to thinking she could fit in with everyone else. It was crazy and now I’m not quite sure where it’s going to go next. I thought that I was prepared for where it was going but I was not at all and i’m excited to see where it will go next. Also I extremely dislike Nui, she is just a terrible person.


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