Walking Dead Sean 4 Finale “A”

Okay the name may be wrong for this episode but I needed to get this written and that what what the first google search turned up. Okay now for my thoughts. first of all I TOLD YOU SO!! I KNEW that Terminus was going to be a place filled with crazy people and I thought that they would be people eaters as well. Ahh man, that was crazy. First off with the quick scene in the beginning that showed Rick sitting down in front of the car with blood covering his face, I thought that everyone else had died and Rick was just sitting in shock. But the resolution to that was much more insane. First with Darrel’s new group and then with the throat biting, all just so intense. Carl seems to be in a tough spot because growing up in the zombie apocalypse before you have established a set code of rules and ideas about the world can be difficult and skew what we would take for granted as a normal view of things. So he must be struggling with that. They set off then after that whole scene to go find terminus all the while Rick is having flash backs to the beginning of their time on the farm, we learn how he became farmer Rick and why he decided to do it, so that Carl would have somthing to do with his life other than fighting. That seemed to be working but then the flash back would stop and we would realize that Rick in no longer the farmer that he once was, he is back in Rick mode and taking down anyone in his way. Now we come to Terminus. It was a great idea to approach from the side, I had the same idea myself and when they scouted it out and saw the door open that was odd I thought because why would a supposedly high security and safe place leave a door open. We learn more about Michonne (had to look that one up, and yes it is spelled right, I got it off the official website) and how she got to be herself now and what she was like. Then they enter the place and the first thing that strikes me is that someone is actively saying the message instead of just making a recording and playing it on repeat. I know it is the apocalypse and all but it would be possible. The people are also around these boards and tables and that makes me think scientists doing weird experiments and I may not have been too far off but I’ll have to wait until next season to see if I’m right. Anyway I knew something was off and when I saw the riot gear I thought “hey, didn’t Glenn have gear just like that” and then everything went down and it was Glenn’s gear and they were guiding the gang to a dead end and they found everyone else in the car and Rick said a cheesy line and * deep breath * it was crazy. Ricks last line was a little cheesy, I thought that he would have a hidden gun up his sleeve or something but he just said that they got the wrong people. Typical. Overall though very exciting, I’m anticipating that the start of the next season will be crazy as well. Thanks for reading this journey with me, and if you have not been following along with my writings then I suggest you decide read them and then this thanks you will mean something :)


Interesting Line Of The Day


You die twice, the first when your body stops, and the second when your name is said for the last time.

This line is something that I’ve thought about recently. Most people think that oh, once I die then thats it, but one thing that will continue to live on is your name. There are some people who die and the next day is the last time someone says their name. For some people it may take a few generations. For the few that have an impact on humanity it may take centuries or eons. One thing is for sure though, at some point, the name will never be said again. The decision now is wether to work so that your second life can be lived a long time or not, the choice is yours.

Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihilation

To start off, this is one of my favorite games right now. I love RTS’s and this game takes it to a whole different level in my opinion. Instead of waging war on one map you can take off to other planets. You go from battling head on against 1-10 people to suddenly having to manage 2-10 different fronts in the span of one game depending on your skill level. I’ve been watching this game since the beginning when if was first announced on kickstarter and was funded with 2.2 million. Then the alpha was released and then the beta, at which point I bought a key and started playing. At the time of this writing the game is currently in gamma phase and is releasing  updates fairly regularly. If you like to play RTS’s then I recommend you check this game out, and if you want to play me in a match then just shoot a message my way. I’m not that good, now that everyone else has played more than me and their skills have increased while mine have not but I still like to play, even though I lose most of the time :)

Kill la Kill Episode 24 “Past the Infinite Darkness”

Don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers.

I’m about midway throughout the episode right now and wow. Firs with the failed attacks and then with the death and Mako crying which was very sad but funny at the same time so I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Ryuko seems to be okay with her being a hybrid ow because she can fight. Senketsu learned that he is a hybrid too and completely surprised the mother (i’m too lazy to remember names and look them up but you know who i’m talking about. wow now it’s like the sisters are one and the same. It really is synchronized. He’s back! and he broke the barrier!ehh the transmitter blew up! Action! Cutting with scissors! Great, now Nui is basically the head the main life fiber. I hate her so much. Hmmm, she became a spaceship, thats interesting. wow, a crazy new outfit, one fit for SPACE! and everyone is naked. That’s some crazy scissor transformation she has there. Infinite absorbing ability, that is a nice one. Ahh there goes the people back to people. and everyone is still naked. they are is space and they have no clothes. Interesting. suicide. Bummer, I wanted her to die by someone else’s hand. No Senketsu don’t die!!! Well now I’m sad :( Ouch, that had to hurt, everyone is still naked.  WHAT! they can’t end it there! I’m going to watch through the cut scenes and if there is nothing more about Senketsu then I’m going to be mad. Alright I’m mad. I think the ending could have been better but I guess not everyone gets a happy ending. Well that concludes a very goof anime series that I enjoyed thoroughly

Interesting Line Of The Day


Time waits for no one.

I like this one. Okay I like all of them but you wont see the ones I don’t like because I will not put them here. Okay enough rambling. This line is great because it emphasizes the progression of time and no matter how much you fight against it you can’t beat time. Not even the Doctor can beat time (that is definitely a post for another time) so time flows on, and on, and on. It’s a great constant. But what is time? Okay that will have to be a post for later too, maybe one about philosophy? that could be a new category possibly! Exciting! Alright think about the line aannnd i’m done here.

Face Book Buys Oculus

As the headline is pretty descriptive I will get right into it. I think this was a huge mistake on Oculus’s part. Face book is not a serious platform at all and to sell to them would be dooming the amazing VR future that I had been envisioning up until this point. It is really too bad. This makes me wonder if the developers just got tired of trying to make the Oculus. Face book is also not a platform that any developers really want to work with. Notch (the creator of minecraft) says this much when he backed out of the deal to bring Minecraft to the Oculus when he learned that Face book had bought Oculus. I thought that everyone should know about this as I think it postpones the release of a new genre for many years. I will include a link to a news article confirming what I have mentioned in case anyone is skeptical. the news was released yesterday. Link to the article.

That Feeling

Have you ever had that one feeling? That incredibly powerful, non-descriptive feeling that is amazing and perfect and desolate and joyous and fathomless in its reaches, and is a soft glow that is ever so close but no matter how hard you try you are never able to fully comprehend the first cause or even yet the result that such a feeling is doing to you? You may come across this feeling every so often but forget about it soon after and you wonder why you do not remember the feeling as well as you could or should. This feeling may paralyze you with a vast array of thoughts that race through your mind so fast they are utterly incomprehensible. So much can be thought about this feeling but dying to describe it is like trying to breathe water, you start out well but then a split second later everything falls apart. I think that everyone has experienced this feeling at some point but just can’t describe it. This feeling can be applied to any emotion that you can think of if the circumstances are right. I do not believe that this feeling even can be fully described but I tried my best in this post and I may have had to look in a thesaurus to do it :) I hope I gave you something to think about

Over-Ear Headphones

I have a problem, a serious first world problem. I can not find a single pair of over-ear headphones that I like. This is prompted because I recently bought a headset from Razor. To be specific I got the Razor Kraken Pro’s. Now I like Razor, I think they have a cool thing going and I thought that these headphones would be great for me as I read a bunch of reviews about how comfortable they were and that they had great quality and all that. When I got them though I tried them out and right off noticed a difference in sound that I am not used to when listing to music though speakers, the sound was a little rough. That is not the issue though. I love music quality and always try to get the best that I can but what I need in headphones is for them to be comfortable. My whole life I have had problems with headphones that have a band that rest on the top of your head. I do not know why this is but it has never abated me. Maybe my head is uneasily sensitive, but every time I wear a headset for more than 30 minutes they start to hurt my head and I have to take them off. It really bugs me because I want to get a pair that I can wear for extended amounts of time. I will not have to return this headset which really bums me out because they are very nice, great color scheme and construction, but I just can not enjoy wearing them for a long time. Alright, that was my rant. Maybe I should start a rant day. Rant Wednesday maybe. That could work. Okay, i’m done here.

Walking Dead Episode 15 “Us”

I would say a medium amount of stuff happened in this episode. To start off, I extremely dislike Eugene. Not because of the geek side of him but because he can not hold a conversation and he refuses to say what caused the apocalypse. I would not take someones word that they knew, they would have to explain it ti me before I believed them. When Glen saw the sign that Maggie had written and started running I was so excited! He took off and that tunnel was a big decision. To go through or not to go through, that was the question. He was in quite the bind there when the other girl (my bad I don’t know her name) got her foot stuck, that could have ended badly. I will say that even though I dislike Eugene with a passion he got a point or two when he decided to wait for Glenn at the other end of the tunnel. Then when he saw Maggie and everyone (I’m assuming) and had them drive back down the tunnel to get Glen, that was a big move for him. This episode also went back and forth a lot. We saw Darrel with his new gang, of which I highly disagree with. I think that they are a terrible group of people and one that can not be good for society. Although they work well in the new world, I’m not saying that it is right but still. In any case it seems that Darrel is conforming to their way of thinking and this does not bode well for him or Beth, who he still needs to save. Now we come to the end of the episode. The arrival of the group to Terminus. I could tell right off the bat that the place had a bad vibe about it. First off, no one on guard duty? What is that all about. My suspicion meter just went up. Gates all unlocked, the meter just went up again. One creepy woman making burgers when there were no cows around anywhere and probably no good grazing areas around? The meter has gone off the chart. I would bail quick. SO In my opinion t wrap up. Nothing good await the various groups at Terminus and I really hope that Darrel gets it back together in order to save Beth. Until the finale!

Log Horizon Episode 25 “The Scale Festivle”

Final Episode! Man I am excited. I’m going to do the same thing I did with my latest post and write this as I am watching the show. No pictures sorry but at least it is almost live commentary. My thinking is that if you saw the episode then you know what I am talking about. Alright Episode Start Oh right the we left off with Shiro about to mentally destroy the evil noble guy. Can’t wait. Alright was not expecting that everyone would show up at once. it seems that Shire showed up with another plan again. So him. I love the opening song, very catchy and fast paced. I’m going to have to get the soundtrack after I finish this episode. Okay back on! Hmmm interesting direction. Haha, in his face!!. Nice words there Crusty. Shiro is cast n a bad light again. Bummer. Some insight into what goes through Shiro’s head.  But he still does not get it when it comes to the other girls.  Okay creepy girl with new spells, that means other people have figured out how to make new spells. Oh so this is the one that caused the disturbances in the city. But why was she doing it, to test the strength of the city? Wow, her plan is pretty diabolical. To buy the guild hall like Shiro did is a lot of power but to buy the Cathedral . . that is just insane the power you have. She is really getting into Shiro’s head. Alright little special guild meeting at the end. Shiro was just about to reveal his next goal and refuse it is just to “change the world.” I think it is going to be something much bigger. I just can’t think of it right now. Good thing that season 2 was announced for the fall of this year! ‘m excited. This has been a great anime and (Cut Scene!) End of Episode Okay I was right. He is going to leave the city and the librarian dude is going to go with him. Interesting, what will they do? maybe they will go to another continent and see whats going on there. I am now ready for Season 2!