Running Out Of Time

Do you ever have that feeling of helplessness that comes with an approaching deadline? The closer you get to the deadline the more weight the work you have to get done seems to weigh you down, even though you have been steadily progressing.

It doesn’t even have to be a deadline that has a physical thing to turn in at the end. You could be going somewhere and you need to be there but every second the outcome seems to be farther away from the desired one.
This relates back to my post about time and how we can never get it back but I think that the feeling you have when you are running out of time is something that is hard to achieve in any other situation. The combination of dread and guilt that you feel. Dread for the guilt I think. Guilt because you most likely have an obligation and you will be guilty if you can not fulfill that obligation.
I think that this is an interesting phenomenon and wanted to share my thoughts on it. Thanks for reading!


Compliments are weird things. There are those who want a lot of them and then there are those who say they don’t want any. Some thrive off of compliments and some have adverse reactions when someone compliments them.

Everyone has their reasons of doing what they do but I think compliments are a good thing. However I think they are more valuable when given sparingly.
If someone is given the same compliment every day then that compliment gets stale and boring. After a while it might turn into an insult to their ears.
So then what are you to do? Well, I would suggest not complimenting people. That doesn’t mean be mean to them or insult them but just acknowledge what they do. Give less compliments that way each one you give will carry more weight.
Some would say that this is rude and perhaps it is, but think about this: Would you rather receive a compliment from someone you know compliments everyone all the time for anything they do, or receive a compliment from someone who rarely gives compliments? I would prefer the latter.
I’m not really sure where I was going with this post. It was just a brain thought I had. Not even sure that is an existing term . . .COINED IT! Naa not really, it’s probably been done before. However I think that will be a new category on my blog, brain thoughts. I like it.
Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Noise Level

Just tune it out

The level of noise in a room is something I’m very sensitive too.

Let’s say for example someone is playing music in another room. Now if they want to blow out their ears that’s great for them, but when it starts to affect me that is where I draw the line.
Is it so hard to use headphones?! I understand that the feeling is not the same as listing to bigger speakers but some common respect would be nice.
I see this everywhere. People carrying around speakers In the streets, on the bus, in the tube, at the library, in a house. Or they are playing their headphones at full volume when the headphones aren’t even in their ears! People don’t seem to understand that the noise they are generating, be it through music or some other means, can be annoying and distracting to those around them.
When you confront them they say “just tune it out.” Seriously! That’s like saying, “oh you don’t like the smell of that? Just stop breathing.” I can’t just go deaf all of a sudden!
To be fair you can tune it out to a certain degree but after a point the noise level is just too high to be tuned out.
To summarize, be aware of your surroundings people. It’s pretty easy, and if you take a break from destroying your ears you may hear something you didn’t know was there. It could save your life one day.
Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out. Thanks for reading!


Music is a funny thing.

Either you like it or you don’t. Everyone can hear the same song but have different opinions on it or get a different feeling or vibe.

Concerts are where people who have a common interest go to enjoy that common interest together.

Or you could have a personal library where you are the only one you know who likes to listen to the music that you like.

Whatever you listen to it is what you like to listen to. It speaks to you in a way that no one can understand because it is through your ears and your mind. I can try to pretend that I know exactly what you are feeling when you listen to a song but when it comes down to it, I can never know for sure.

That is what makes perspective such an interesting thing. I think I will be discussing that in a future post. Well anyways, food for thought.